About Us

We are CogIST, a group of people gathered by our passion for cognitive science. Cognitive science is a relatively new field of study emerged in the 20th century and aims to understand the human mind, brain, and behavior by not only referring to but also combining, challenging and improving the methodologies and vast knowledge provided by its founding disciplinaries: neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, philosophy, and anthropology. As enthusiasts of such an interdisciplinary field, our team consists of people with diverse backgrounds, but similar mindsets and our primary goal is to reach out and help connect people like ourselves, i.e. people who appreciate cognitive science, regardless of their level of expertise. We managed to create a great community in Turkey, both socially and professionally to realize our aims. The Cognizer is now here to expand our reach to the whole globe by serving as a free publishing platform! We would like to provide a platform for you to freely concretize your ideas and publish them; as well as enjoy and discuss opposing or similar ideas regarding the content, the methodologies, and the future of cognitive science.


Extending Cognition

The Cognizer is a publishing platform initiated by CogIST, a cognitive science community from Turkey. On this platform, articles and essays on different topics from different fields of cognitive science are published in a way that would bridge the gap between public audience and experts.

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