Publishing Policy

CogIST was established as an independent community that aims to bring fellow cognitive scientists living and studying in Turkey together so that it can provide a common platform for them all in which they can collaborate socially, intellectually and professionally, and to popularise cognitive science among all ages and backgrounds. As cognitive science is a relatively new field that is crucial for us to understand how the human mind works and how we can incorporate the ways by which the mind works into the uprising of AI. It is to say that cognitive science holds the keys to our future, yet so little is known to the people outside of academics, especially in underrepresented regions like Turkey. Hence, we declared one of CogIST’s main missions to be spreading the recognition and popularity of cognitive science to people with different backgrounds and education levels. For this purpose, we have already organized events where we have brought authorities and enthusiasts together to create an academic discussion environment for ideas to grow. We also have conducted the CogIST summer school twice and uploaded the recordings online to establish a comprehensive introduction in Turkish for curious minds who have heard about cognitive sciences but do not know where to start to dive into this vast area.

As CogIST keeps steadily growing, we decided to expand our reach and established The Cognizer with the same goals of making cognitive science more approachable to everyone, globally this time. The Cognizer is here to give any cognitive science enthusiast the possibility to share their ideas with their fellows who not only would enjoy and appreciate the ideas but would also be willing to challenge and improve them. As this is a founding stone in the creation of science, accessibility is a key concept in anything CogIST provides, as well as in The Cognizer. To keep our projects functioning as a bridge between experts and novices; and people of all countries, the publishments at The Cognizer are republish-free and are allowed to be translated if given proper credit. In other words, the publishings will be certified under a CC BY-SA license, meaning that the author can republish their work on a different platform later on and can freely have their essay translated into different languages, as long as they credit The Cognizer. As the spreading and the globalisation of information is our main concern, translation to other languages is highly encouraged by both CogIST and The Cognizer teams and we would like to announce and be a referee when a translation is published.


Extending Cognition

The Cognizer is a publishing platform initiated by CogIST, a cognitive science community from Turkey. On this platform, articles and essays on different topics from different fields of cognitive science are published in a way that would bridge the gap between public audience and experts.

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